Sunday, February 22, 2009

strike to the heart

the chief is clearly disappointed with Arsenal achievement this season but praise his coach, Arsene Wenger. is this some kind a sign? he might have given positive remarks on Wenger, but he may also have hidden agenda. by saying, “he is a good coach” he could also be referring to “do your job as you supposed to coz you are a good coach and don’t messed it up all again”. get what i mean? as simple as that. everyone wants to see results and up until this very moment, Wenger has given nothing but promises. players want to see some silverware, as well as the fans. but with the nothing can be given at the moment, silverware is far from becoming a reality. what has gone wrong? the answer might be as simple as the cycle of life. sometimes we are at the top but other times we crash at the bottom level. and i guess you all know where we are now….

but one thing that bothers my mind. one fan, or i suggest he is one, giving words of wisdom. here’s what he said “it seems now Arsenal is a team that settles for a fourth place finish, just like Aston Villa and Everton”. what a strike to the heart for Wenger. it is true that in the past few years, we rarely heard from the club of beating #1 spot and reclaim their trophies after winning the season before. it seems we are good enough by saving 4th spot and qualifying for champs league through play offs. we seldom hearing from the manager that we will go higher and better after a match, it sounds he doesn’t believe in himself. are we champions? do we even deserve in premier league?

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