Sunday, February 22, 2009

he is crazy

okay this is not normal, even for someone like Florentino Perez. he is now talking everybody! he has yet to be elected as president and now he IS TALKING like one. okay those players on the list are very important to Madrid but it doesn’t mean others are just plain additions. Klass J. Huntelaar has evolved into somewhat the next Raul in matter of weeks, and Robben is magnificent winger, there’s no way Perez overlooks these men. talking about Raul, this man has scored 311 goals for his club and you want to get rid of him? well, Florentino Perez is total maniac. Raul form is in sudden rise after enduring long absence in world of football and you just want to wipe him off the table? wait a minute Sir. he may not be as young as his striking partner but he can still produce some technical edge for his teammates, besides who will guide the youngsters if not the great Raul. i am, honestly and not a fan of Raul Gonzalez Blanco but seeing him play in the past weeks, i believe he can still do more for the club. i hope he won’t get elected coz i hate to see my Real Madrid sink just like the had experienced some years ago. and for God sake, let Juande Ramos do his job, he is an excellent coach gentlemen.

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