Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 matches, go crazy….

in less than an hour, matches of 2 premier league giants will take place. therefore, i am writing this preview of the match. my version is of course can not be compared and contrast with other reliable sports websites. however, it provides a soulful comment of the most celebrated football critic in the whole world, which of course my self. well, the last part was a lie so i won’t count on it. anyway, Man Utd will take on Inter Milan in their home ground, Old Trafford. my bet is, Man Utd win by 2-1 score line. Inter could prove to be tricky opponent, however Man U have more edge in so many ways. their defense is one of the best in the world right now, with Ferdinand partnering Vidic at the back, it is hard to see Ibra and Adriano roaming freely without being heavily guarded. upfront they have massively talented Rooney and Ronaldo. so, i put my money on them.

whilst Man Utd are the favorite, Arsenal come as underdog here. having troubled season does make them the clowns on the field. however, getting 1 goal advantage doesn’t meant they can lay back and have a cup of coffee considering hostile atmosphere in Olympic could provide some moral boost to Spaletti’s men especially in the dying minutes. Chelsea have earlier avoided penalty shootout, and Arsenal should do the same. whatever the outcome is, i will still need to go back to my 2nd home.


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