Wednesday, March 11, 2009

updates on Becks

i know putting the ‘update’ word is pretty unnecessary since some of this news has been published days ago. but i thought i’d like to give a shot. i might want to view them for future reference.

unfortunate for Milan and Becks himself, the weekend match might not include the Englishman due to injury he has sustained during training. his contribution to team is immensely needed since Seedorf might not be able to make it too. therefore, Carlitos has to make his decision really fast if he wants to sustain his winning mood and regain the 2nd spot.

on other matter, Alexi Lalas has seemed more interested in attacking Becks rather than taking another job for the sake of his life. He said that Becks might not be accepted well if he goes back to Depot Center this June. his decision to stay with Milan has upset many Galaxy fans, therefore coming back to LA would be tough experience for the midfielder. hey man! we are talking about David Beckham here. he had endured much worse in the past and i am sure he can make it through. if the fans want him leave, it’s better to let him go. what’s the point of having a player who is not a favorite of the crowd. besides, MLS is too little for an ambitious player like Becks.

2 days ago, LA Galaxy coach has asked to omit Becks from friendly games in order to keep him with the squad. however, tough response from Capello has once again, shown to the world that he is not a man who can be pushed around. if Capello thinks Becks is fit to join England team, then there’s nothing can stop him from naming Beckham on his list. however, Capello has also mentioned before he can only put him on the list if he can play at the highest level and i believe being with LA Galaxy means he won’t be called up. so, relax Bruce! Becks might not make it anyway.  the good side is, Becks can help Galaxy to win something and put yoke on people’s faces. he can still do good for Galaxy amid his critics claiming otherwise. make them to believe Becks!

here’s a snippet of his interview. to be honest, i always love the way he handles pressure especially from the media. i would comment on this topic after Arsenal’s match. Good luck Gunners! make me proud will ya….

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