Thursday, March 05, 2009

Arena isn’t impressed

while AC Milan have great confidence that Becks could be staying until the end of the season, Bruce Arena has another view. it is tough for Becks to make permanent his loan deal, however one must be positive. LA Galaxy are not allowing any club going away with their precious player unless they are paying a LOT. Milan have never had any intention to buy Becks remaining contract only to utilize the player halfway his career. if Becks had been 28, AC Milan would never have waited this long to bring Becks from Galaxy. but he is now 33 and soon he’ll turn 34. a player at that age is certainly not in a hot buy market. their plan was to extend his loan until October and seal a permanent deal after November 09 which guarantee Becks arrival is for real. there’s a clause which states Becks can free himself out of the clutch of Galaxy after his 3 years term in the club. i don’t know what he is going to do but if he wants to go, he better do it fast coz time is nearly up….

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