Thursday, March 05, 2009

what the…?

i am not sure this is for Arsenal’s own good. i had mentioned before that if Wenger were to leave, many players would follow suit and that including the skipper, Cesc Fabregas. i am not implying that Wenger might leave this summer, however his words are loud and clear. nobody can stop him to go, if Wenger were chose to leave Emirates stadium. are we going to miss out anything? probably yes. but not necessarily we’ll lose everything. it might just the beginning for the North London club. revolution is about to land in London. however, the question remains; when does the moment ever to arrive?. if he goes, we will find someone who can replace him and i hope it’ll be Frank Rijkard. but if he stays, let’s hope we can achieve something next season. i am positive about anything that about to happen in Arsenal. just win something will ya…..

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