Sunday, March 08, 2009

a draw and tonight match

possibly a win, or a draw. i hope it will be the former since FA Cup is our only hope to win title this season. we have drifted apart from 2nd spot since months ago and hoping to win premier league is totally delusional act, therefore FA Cup could be our cure this season. tough matches are ahead of us and winning this match will certainly give boost to the team in order to finish AS Roma off. leading only by a goal could be tricky mission for Wenger’s squad as Arsenal prove to be weak travelling abroad. in the first leg, Arsenal could have led by massive goal difference had not Eboue and few from Bedtner shots wide from the target. hopefully, Arsenal could get through their ‘goal drought’ moments and move on. last week Arsenal ended their draw jinx by beating West Ham. so, good luck boys!

*sigh* why did it have to happen in the middle of winning mood?. Atletico managed to hold Real Madrid in a draw version earlier this morning. while they were held, arc rivals Barca won, again. i thought the title race was on again after Real claimed precious 6 points in their previous matches while Barca were held back. and now, we are off again. o God….what is this happening. champs league seems to be far away from Los Blancos clutch after a defeat at home 2 weeks ago from Liverpool. Liverpool seem to be tough team to defeat at home, but i cannot stop to hope. i really do hope one of my favorite clubs could win something this season after so many disappointing results. good luck everybody and i think i need it myself….

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