Thursday, March 12, 2009


after more than an hour, we finally made it. sloppy passes, wasteful crosses and plenty more of uncertainties, Arsenal were through to quarter finals. i can’t imagine to be in the quarter finals. we received persistent opponents which made 120 minutes a whole lot of hell. some may say we don’t deserve the win and some may criticize referee decision to ignore Roma possible win by waving away penalty chance for Roma. but i can’t say more than i am greatly please we are finally made it. i am sorry if my language is far from human understanding; it is mainly caused by lack of sleep. i have yet to sleep since 12 hours ago and i could barely lift my lids. however, it is matter of urgency. i need to write them down for i will forget them in matter of minutes.

i have to say, Arsenal were a lot worse than few weeks ago and clearly losing their confidence throughout causing AS Roma wreaked havoc in our own half. like i said, some may say we don’t deserve the win but they are simply forgetting the fact that this is what they call football. dominating the match do not necessarily make them champions. luck is also take part and believe me, it helps a lot. Inter lost because of their inability to convert chances into goals and also, lacking of luck played a part. twice Ibra hit the post and plenty more chances were wasted away after that. i do not want to start argument with anyone coz i am too sleep to do that.

in football anything can happen. who would have thought that Porto had been crowned as European champions 5 years ago beating Man Utd in the final. everything is possible and possibility for an underdog team to win is as high as mountain of Jayawijaya. sounds unfair to some of you? well, nothing is fair. if you look at Real Madrid’s match yesterday, you would have noticed Heinze unluckiness by conceding penalty over his ‘supposed hand ball’ case. however, if we look closely in the replay we would notice that it was not his arm that touched the ball but it was his right shoulder. pity isn’t it? but fate has sealed his future. referee gave Liverpool a penalty.Roma may suffered today, but Arsenal are not guaranteed as champions as well. there is still long way through and completing this task is just the beginning. from what i see, Arsenal cannot possibly be the winner of champs league this season. why did i say that? it is because of their lack of finishing. a team like that does not deserve to be taken into consideration as title contenders. alas, football is unpredictable and so is life. i can only say, thank you God for giving us such a bless before leaving.

in another development, Italian football is dead. obviously the best teams win and it seems they don’t include Italian teams. Inter were pushed aside by defending champions ManU while Juve and Roma were sent home by Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. are you ashamed? well,  you better be. it is funny though to see these Italian clubs fading away in recent years. what has happened in Italy? no one knows. but what i do know is,  Thierry could face his former club, Arsenal. that’s for now….

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