Sunday, March 22, 2009

well mannered

although i would prefer to watch the game, knowing that it had been won, i was deeply pleased. i subscribed a new line for TV cable and supposedly they would call me 3 days after the application. unfortunately, it would need a full of 3 working days to process it which fell rightly on Saturday. what could have been more worse than sitting while everyone seemed enjoying their best moments in front of TV. anyway, Arsenal went through another good form after beating Newcastle away from home with convincing 3 goals against 1. the hero of the day would have to be Almunia. he saved a penalty from Martins and saved other attempted goals afterward which denying win for Newcastle. i did not watch the game but was ecstatic to hear Man Utd lost against Fulham with 2-0. well, looks like Ferguson’s men have yet to go by their last league lost against  Liverpool which is a good thing. and now, it is on the hands of Liverpool themselves, if they are desperately want to win the League, they have to put everything they have on today’s game. Aston Villa are not easily brushed off, and they are as determined as Liverpool to snatch 4th place from Arsenal’s clutch. both teams have one thing in common and they won’t let it slip by without a strong fight. if Liverpool won today, the gap would be reduced to 1 point only, therefore clinching the title is not a dream for them. and the win, of course would compensate what Arsenal had done earlier in the season; they could reach 4th spot and placed themselves for play offs next season. i would no doubt be in Rafa’s men tonight and hoping only for the best to Gerrad and co to beat Aston Villa all the way. Liverpool have confidence and home crowd to cheer them up, so i really hope the result would go their way. unfortunately, i may not be able to watch the match. God bless Liverpool!

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