Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jose talking….

it is nothing wrong for what he said today coz it involved something real, like a team. i know he’s not a man with the famous motto of ‘silence is golden’ but his expertise in football is somewhat golden by itself. led Chelsea to success with less than a year has made this man ‘the special one’. this one comes from his fans themselves and i kind of agree with them. prior to his arrival Chelsea barely made the big 4 teams. but look at them now, currently sitting in the 3rd spot and trailing only by 1 point from 2nd spot, i think that’s genius. it is true that he is not the manager of Chelsea but at least he made Abramovich’s dream to become reality. just look at Man C, wealthy in cash but no trophies in sight, at lest not just yet. once you have invested your money in a football club, hire the RIGHT manager coz if you don’t, everything would be lost including your money. the only thing that is missing from Chelsea’s trophy list is champs league. i can’t remember the last time they ever won the title, it must have been a long time ago. it was very premature to let Jose go from Stamford Bridge after so many things he’s done to the team. currently, Chelsea are struggling to make 2nd spot theirs. and i am not sure they can win champs league either. with Jose by their side, i believe Chelsea would do better.

and today, he said that England should be feared by European teams. is he out of his mind? i guess not. if England could be playing just like they did against Slovakia, they can become world champions, but if they couldn’t thus nothing glorious is to be made next year. it is up to the team and manager to make their dream a reality. and i like they way he praised David Beckham right at the bottom of the article. not many would say that, not in papers of course. this is exactly what i meant with consistency and professionalism. Becks earned his status by playing good footballer  both on and off the pitch. his popularity and wealth does not make him a big head jerk, on the other hand he proves to be the good boy in football. unlike some of his peers, he does not prowling in pubs or bars during odd hours without his wife in presence, in fact i have never read him hanging out in those places by himself either. true, he may be having fun with his team mates but he never made any chaos inside those places, at least nothing i could heard of. this kind of attitude looks rare and could become extinct if nobody teaches young footballers manner anymore. good job Becks!

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