Sunday, March 29, 2009

England won by 4-0

even though i have skipped watching this match, it seems England did not need anymore encouragement from me. fortunately, it was only a friendly, if it had been a competitive match, i would certainly have had massive heart attack. no! i was only kidding, of course i would not want any seizure or anything but i guess it was a virus transferred from my over excited lil sis. she seems to know how to put things in a extreme way, anyway, England cruised through with convincing display after defeating their pint-size opponent Slovakia at home. you have seen it right. yes indeed England won by 4-0, but it was mainly caused by so many defensive errors from the opponent. nevertheless, it could provide some kind of moral boost to England squad to face the real opponent this Wednesday. Ukraine will never be easy to beat but Capello’s men have their home crowd to cheer them on. the last time i saw Ukraine, they were mighty and persistent all the way. but no one can say for sure considering their best man is now facing a real nightmare form. Sheva has not been himself for a long time and now he is a doubt for England match. could he still be a threat to England defensive line? we never know but i hope he is far away from okay.

his name is now recorded as the most capped outfield player in England history and it won’t be forgotten for many years to come. he may not be the most skillful player, but he certainly can deliver what he is expected to. if he plays on Wednesday, he can become the first England outfield player to ever reached 110 caps. his achievement is now a lesson-to-learn for any young players in England. their dad would probably say “look son, if you have a dream joining England team and reach a milestone, come and get it coz y’know what? you can. just look at David Beckham. he is 33 years old and had been dumped and joked around for so many times, but he still standing and now he is in history. don’t bend to anyone’s pressure, bring your best and professionalism, if God permits you can be just like David Beckham, or even better”.

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