Wednesday, March 04, 2009


apparently, when i was too lazy and bored watching football, the result was getting a little better for Gunners. they finally won a football match after so many draws in the previous matches. Bendtner was the hero after scoring 2 goals for the club and 1 more grabbed by the captain. talking about facts, i have been ignoring football matches in a week after seeing my beloved clubs falling into pieces. Arsenal were as clumsy as clown and David Beckham has been the major headlines because of his transfer saga which of course, dampen the mood in the capital. Milan lost again for many times this season alone. i am afraid the season is over for them and what can they do now is to keep winning the remaining matches in order to snatch the 2nd place from Juventus. sitting in the 2nd place could mean avoiding play offs next season. had been ousted by Werder Bremen in their last encounter, no way they could be hoping to win champs league spot. poor Becks, it may signal his sign off from the club in a very low mood

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