Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Raul was awarded as legend


i may not be his biggest fan but i do believe he still has a lot of things to offer for Real Madrid. with a win last week they are now closer then ever with their biggest rivals Barca. Guti and Raul scored for Los Merengues that guaranteed second place to be theirs. with still less than 3 months to go, Real can hold on to their title if they are able to get a win away to Atletico Madrid, their city rivals. 2 losses have succumbed Barca’s leading points to only 4 points. everything is possible now, and Madrid need to focus on their games in order to retain La Liga title. anyway, Raul has accepted an award by Marca as legend in football. i have no argument about it as seeing him play both for his club and country. at the moment, he sits in #1 spot for the most scoring player for his club and country. with stunning 310 plus goals for Real Madrid i could understand why Marca has picked this man among other players in Spain. his dedication and professionalism have been hailed by both team mates and rivals in the world of football. unlike the ‘great’ John Terry, it is seldom to see he loses his cool during a match that could compromise the entire result. referees, rivals and his team mates have utmost respect for this man, therefore congrats Il Capitano for your great dedication for our beloved Real Madrid.

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