Sunday, March 01, 2009

not interested in watching football the other day

after the win against AS Roma  i had no intention to watch another games by Arsenal and ACMilan as i knew they would only disappoint me even further. last night, Arsenal failed to snatch a worthy 3 points and widen the gap from 6th spot inhabitants. a daw sounds familiar right now and i don't think i should be hopeful of anything positive. who's to blame? most people would point their fingers to the coach, but i could not quite do the same. i managed to get a glimpse of the match and found our most 'beloved' striker RVP made his shot wide away from the goal post although he seemed few feet away from the victory. Arsenal lacked of shoot power seems disturbing the existance of beautiful football in its history. everyone is fustrated over the outcome of every week's matches and it doesn't stop there. there's growing concern that Wenger is no longer the gaffer they adored few years ago. if this continue to happen, he is bound to leave at the end of the season and guess what? some key players might say good bye too. i am not afraid to see that happens coz we need changes and probably it is for the best. besides we need revolution and solution immediately if we want to be one of the biggest club in Europe. if he has to go, so be it. i want to see silverware not a huge sneer. talking about silverware, RVP did mention it after he had rejected an extension with Arsenal. hey boy! if you want to grab something, you better start get a grip on yourself. couldn't even shoot at that distance? you better not talking kid....

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