Monday, March 02, 2009

you must be joking!

look like it just turned out to be Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston kinda stuff. apparently, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been trying to 'reconcile' in Diddy's house while people out there rambling about their recent blow out. three weeks after, she decided to give Chris Brown another try and willing to let him stay with her UNDER  ONE ROOF. is this real? well, People magazine has declared it was genuine effort from both parties, so i guess we've come to a decision that they are indeed together, again. as a source to be believed, Rihanna has had the same thing over the past a year and reportedly, she has kept it under wrap for so long, until a friend brought it into the spotlight. actually this news brought me into 2 conclusions, either they have stolen this ugly fight script from Spencer Pratt and Heid Montag, or they wanted to be as famous as Whitney and Bobby. well, only them can decide. i mean, how on earth would she make such a big decision to go by without making an effort to bring this man down. i guess the only person knows the real deal is Rihanna herself.

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