Wednesday, March 11, 2009

real football

as though i have already been banished from mankind; updating football news has been really tough lately considering my imminent departure from this country. however, 2 more football matches before i am leaving await me in midweek. i should have posted news on Becks successful attempt to lengthen his stay with AC Milan until the end of the season, but i was busy on something else. what should i have said? it was all stated all over the newspapers from days ago. i knew he would have stayed a little bit longer and try to win 2nd spot for the Rossoneri. securing the spot will eventually benefit Milan in every way. they don’t have to go through play offs and could possibly be flying to Asia during summer holiday. anyway, his loan was secured and he could finally focus on football matter.

Becks aside, football matches on the loop. early this morning, both Chelsea and Liverpool have booked their tickets to quarter final after beating their opponents with convincing display. Chelsea taught their former coach Claudio Ranieri how to play football by beating his team with slim aggregate. it was a good one from Chelsea and it seems things have taken a U turn for their side since Gus Hiddink was put in charged. minutes away from full time, Drogba fired low to give Chelsea advantage of the situation. before the goal, Juve were punished by the referee and reduced the squad into 10 man. obviously, Chiellini made a foolish tackle on Drogba which in fact made him booked for the 2nd time. unfortunately, it happened less than 10 minutes to go. had he behaved well, Juve would have been through to penalty shoot out moment. however, fate told them otherwise.

i have made myself clear that winning in Merseyside would have been a huge task for Los Blancos and apparently, my words were true. beaten at home and now humiliated away from Bernabeu had obviously made Juande Ramos day from bad to worse. would he be sacked at the end of the season? unfortunately, he probably would. i am not sure who will take charge after his contract expires this season, however there were unconfirmed reports that Arsene Wenger might be tapped to take control of the team. but i am not convinced Wenger will leave before he is due. i am deeply disappointed to see Real Madrid fell again and failed to secure their only hope of title this season. and now, they have to work a lot harder in order to catch up with arch rivals Barcelona. nobody knows the exact thing in football. they might make it or they might fail. only God knows it

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