Friday, April 24, 2009

Long long time

It may not be the last for today, but perhaps the last one from my device. It is such a pity for not having BIS every time I want, but I have to understand my own circumstance.

I am only human, neither fate nor future can be predicted by my own self. After so many things have happened in the past years, I am not sure myself about my own future. Having compensated with long-desired dream, I do feel uncertainties haunt my soul. Eventually the dream itself has evaporated into mist. The usual one year period had been wasted for something less than stupidity. It really takes a whole lot of time to rediscover the luckiness. I was lucky, but I took it for granted and now, I am a deserted princess in no man's land. Just like a tramp, wielding nothing but integrity, I am cast away from civilization. Thirst and hunger overcome senses in a way only mad man can bear. Praying and hoping to be part of sanity once more. People say, never too late for anything unless God forbids us to remain alive and healthy
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