Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chelsea draw at Nou Camp while Arsenal are yet to seal their fate

like i said earlier, Chelsea would have the advantage playing at Nou Camp and the result proved me right. Solid defense and disciplined tactics made Chelsea the happiest of the two. 8 days from today, Barcelona would need to force their way to final by beating Chelsea at home which i would say, a little complicated than we thought.

among 4 clubs in semi final, Arsenal are the least favorite to win the title. having lost their best players to other clubs and hit by injuries earlier in the season made the Gunners slowing their pace down in title race. premier league is out of reach, and so does FA Cup. but we can still illuminate our dream by winning the Champions League this season. i know it is far off, but we can never say never. unlike other contestants, Arsenal performance in domestic league is far from satisfying, having lost their grip in the driving seat and let Aston Villa snatched away their 4th spot, making Wenger’s squad look like hobbits among gigantic figures. although we have secured the last spot for play off next season, we are far from the best and playing against Man Utd is never a play around. Man Utd are still the top favorites to win champs league along with Barcelona. what a match they had against Totenham Hotspur. away matches never dampen Man Utd spirits to win back the game. trailing by 2 goals in the first half, and then came back to throw away Totenham’s lead was an effort need to be applauded. this is what we must do on Thursday! why would St. Petersburg have had to qualify last season in champs league? now we must rest him due to cup tie. darn! we need him more than we need RVP. let’s hope Wenger senses work just fine for tomorrow’s game, if not we’ll be a laughing stock for the rest of our life.

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