Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Milan in 2nd place

Suspecting Becks would have to start from the bench, I had decided to rest early. Apparently, David Beckham played his part from the first minute and helped Milan passed through Torino with stunning 5-1 home win at San Siro. He could have hat trick in assist had not Pippo stood in off side position. I think it could have been magnificent night for both Pippo & Becks if they snatched 3 each for goals and assists respectively. Goal scorers for the night were Ambrossini, Kaka and Pippo who had one each, except for Pippo who grabbed 3 goals. I may have regrets for not watching it this early morning, I am happy though to see Milan in the 2nd spot leaving behind Juve in third place. What separates these two is the fact that Milan have more goals compared to Juve which made Juve flew away from 2nd place. Job isn't done yet, Milan need to win ALL remaining games in order to stay in current position. Securing 2nd place means they can avoid play offs next season in champs league. Good news then, but the job is far from over. Go Becks!
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