Saturday, April 11, 2009

no Arsenal match; David Beckham is off duty as well

starting my day with a visit to the most hated place on earth would sound comforting rather than missing out Arsenal match every weekend. no! that was not the correct sentence. ESPN and STAR SPORT missed out listing it to to today’s match list. what the….? i was kind of hoping to watch it this weekend since i will probably miss it next week and the following week as well, but my hope was dashed. it appears another fall awaits me right after the previous one. the usual Lega Calcio is also missing, making my heart ache a little bit more. no Serie A, no David Beckham. deep breath lady! don’t lose yourself to incompetent losers. my wish is to see both of the teams won today’s match and secure respective places. Cesc is back to inspire his team mates and of course, Arshavin will be able to play this time around after missing out a champs league match against Villarreal due to cup tie. hopefully, i can see positive result tomorrow

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