Wednesday, April 08, 2009

positive result, though not convincing enough

as predicted the match against Villarreal proved to be as tough as final. since the start of the game Arsenal were struggling to break down Villarreal packed midfield as well as their penalty area. less than 25 minutes of the game, yellow submarine ‘gunned’ down Almunia’s weakest spot through Marcos Sena’s impressive volley. the funny part was, it happened barely 2 seconds after i had said Sena’s ability to make goals far away from the goal itself. all went down to depth of the ocean afterward. more and more errors made by Arsenal players and it seemed in a fraction of a second i almost thought they had the willingness to hand over the match to Villarreal.

DSC02354 (Compressed)

second half rolled over but the same thing kept happening from time to time. i hate to elaborate more on this, so move on to the most amazing goal scored by Adebayor, probably it was even made the best goal for this season in champs league. a draw at home next week will bring Arsenal to semi, but would it be enough to prove all those haters out there that Arsenal deserved to be in that spot? their acceptance is unnecessary. playing at Emirates is by far, the strongest point for Arsenal, however Villarreal could spoil our dream. thus, nothing can be taken for granted. there’s no such thing as favorites here and FC Porto have once again proved to be Man Utd’s nightmare. after being defeated some years ago by then Porto’s manager, Jose Mourinho, Porto looked even more menacing yesterday. Old Trafford was the witness of their downfall. securing a lead with only minutes away from final whistle, Man Utd should have earned their win with attitude. but it was not meant to be. Porto made a dramatic equalizer to keep their dream back on track. as visitors, they have advantage over the home side. earning a draw could be their ticket to next stage and both FC Porto and Arsenal have made it through with a lot of effort. hopefully, both could make it to semi next week, amin.

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