Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I shouldn't have written all my thoughts in this particular blog, but the other one is stupid enough to halt my requests. Anyway, my internet connection is starting to show some sort of slowing down. I don't know whether this is due to congestion or some idiot hackers trying to 'peek' into my device. I hope the latter wouldn't be the reason.

It will only be another 3 days for me to use RIM service before I am moving on to other country. It is so convenient to have BB in my pocket. Not only I can access mailbox with ease, but to get in touch with the web world as well. Imagine, posting thoughts, retrieving information from anywhere around the world without much difficulties and within reach of everyone in every corner on earth, except some countries of course, are now a dream can true. Many years ago, people will need to wait for weeks and months in order to get their messages received by other people in the other part of the world. But now, email is no longer PC bound. Whether we are in the middle of heavy traffic or stuck in the elevator, world of internet is not far away. Unfortunately, I will never get the same service once I left my country. Poor me, no one is apparently interested though.
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