Saturday, May 16, 2009

Man Utd crowned as premier league champions

as the weekend drew closer i was not as enthusiastic as weeks before. i knew it would be a tight one for Arsenal at Old Trafford. when Arsenal lost to Chelsea last week, i could have written 3 pages long of blog entry but i hated to do it and eagerly deleted the draft as soon as i could. humiliating defeat against Chelsea at home was enough to send most fans throwing spits at Wenger. initially, the fans could tolerate 4th spot despite strong performances in early season, however when Arsenal had been given the chance to snatch 3rd spot from Chelsea, we spoiled it badly. instead of leading in the first half, we conceded goals and most importantly, our pride.

the match began with so much pressure and Arsenal barely contain Man Utd’s edgy performance. with Ronaldo and Rooney joining Tevez in the attack. Arsenal had everything to worry with. unlike their usual display, both Toure and Song performed a good relationship at the back, especially in the 2nd half. coming out after a good break, Man Utd decided to hold their ground and let the last 45 minutes roll on without much hassle. should we have created more? i think we should and could. while Man Utd mostly enjoying their time at their half, Arsenal should have taken this opportunity to grab 3 points instead of hovering around at Man Utd territory without doing anything necessary. there were 2 things that went missing from Arsenal team and they were penetration and concentration. lack of leadership could also have taken a toll on Arsenal young guns. while Cesc is no doubt a phenomenal player, he is still need some guidance and Wenger has to find the answer on this. maybe we can buy someone like Xabi Alonso to better equip our fragile midfield. better luck next time Wenger. I do hope we can go through play offs next season and finally qualify for champs league group stage.

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