Monday, May 04, 2009

Milan did enough to stay in 2nd place

yikes! 0-2 for AC Milan and they were barely contained Catania’s resisted attacks in final minutes. i do not blame them though as the pitch was so slippery which made some of players lost their footings. anyway, Becks played his 70 minutes and helped his team with an assist. unlike his other assists, this time Becks nudged a header to Kaka’s direction and the Brazilian made sure it went to the net. the score line stayed that way until final whistle blown by the referee. Milan controlled the game throughout the evening but Catania stubborn defense made 2 goals were the only result for the day. overall, AC Milan did the best over the home side and claimed 3 points after nervous 90 minutes. Rossoneri could have had more goals but goal posts seemed defiant to let Ancelotti’s men advancing with more than 2 goals. it was enough though to buy Milan more space from 3rd placed Juventus who apparently, had only a point against Lecce. this would make the gap grows wider as the season closes to end. how would Inter react today? i am sure they will do their best to claim the Scudetto theirs one more time.

i am going to do my best to stay calm ahead of midweek match against Man Utd and stay positive despite negative result at the Old Trafford. what will come may come, in the end we can only pray for the best. it seems Man Utd are already set their sight for the Final in Rome. but nothing is confirmed before the match. They may have scored against us, but the margin is so low and we can still grab to level score line and make to the final. Wenger needs to build his boys’ confidence and let them roam with freedom. all i can say is that Nasri and Walcott need to find their form quickly before everything falls down, and it’s going to hurt them the most. the season is not yet ended and Aston Villa could snatch the slot before our eyes. so watch out guys!

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