Saturday, June 06, 2009

2 qualifying matches

less than 12 hours from now, England will face its  1st opponent of the week which will determine England true colors. after tormenting weeks of leagues, most players must be feeling the pain. Chelsea players are the most likely affected by this schedule considering their last match had only finished a week before the showdown. Aaron Lennon, Emile Heskey, Joe Cole and possibly Rio Ferdinand will miss out the first game but everything can be different once the national team Doctors confirm their health status this afternoon. next stop will be Andorra and no one, including players, should ever belittle them. collecting 3 points are crucial for both players and the coach. it is simply because slipping into 2nd spot wouldn’t be a good idea. they need to learn from past mistakes.

when Ste-C took over from Sven Eriksson, England had been nothing but bunch of clowns. unable to retain their 1st spot, and slowly slipping into 3rd position had made FA realized that a credible coach need to be appointed as soon as possible. and now, under the reign of Fabio Capello, England are in the right track. but the last encounter with European champions, Spain, Capello were unable to work his magic and made England losers among champions. that’s why he needs all his best players to be there on the field and claim their 3 points.

it is unclear, however David Beckham will play any part in this match, especially when both SWP and Theo Walcott are fully fit to face Kazakhstan and Andorra. his natural position will be in the right wing in which SWP and Walcott are familiar with. i really do hope Becks can play and wish him well. i have not seen him play since his last match with AC Milan and the fact that he will go back to LA Galaxy makes my heart break even more. none of sports channel in my country broadcast Galaxy’s matches live on TV. it is also unlikely that he will move on and join Chelsea this summer after his 6 month coach, Carlo Ancelotti joined the club few days ago. Becks will never join other premier club except his old club, Man Utd.


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