Saturday, June 06, 2009


when David Beckham made a verbal contract to Milan few weeks ago to rejoin the team in January 2010, it had been a different management and coaching staff. Carlitos had been the coach but it was a different man this time. Leonardo has been appointed to coach AC Milan for the next season and beyond (no one knows exactly when his contract ‘truly’ expires). whether or not he will be interested to sign a 34 year old player still pose a big question mark. Leonardo wants to rebuild Rossoneri from scratch and i am not sure he intends to sign an aging player in which for some people, is too old to play football. unlike other people, i honestly oppose those words of aging player and sagging here and there. but i am now looking at the big picture. whilst, Leonardo has known Becks since his arrival last year, it is completely unknown what kind of tactical development he will use during his term.

the Italian League will commence this August and by then, some of injured midfield players have probably regained their fitness and ready to replace Becks position. Gattuso and Flamini are clearly posing threats to Becks existence in Milan’s squad. although both players playing the exact position, they are completely different in style of play. Ambrossini will unlikely be reassign after months of uncertainty. if Milan would want to be at the same league as other elite clubs, they need to reinforce their back four. with Maldini gone and both Kaladze and Nesta starting to look rusty, Leonardo must take his priorities. indeed they do have Senderos in stock, but he can’t be forever injury free and his other fellow defenders do not posses a true leadership at the back. apart from the back four, Leonardo might need to equip another attacking midfielder who can win the ball as well as posing threats to opponent’s defense line. someone like Steven Gerrard will be good, but i am not talking about buying him out from Liverpool, you guys.  if Milan decide to sell Kaka to the highest bidder, Leonardo can have plenty of cash to splash this summer. Ronaldinho and Pato are not enough to terrorize enemy’s line, thus someone who has determination and brain needs to be acquired. Carlos Tevez could be an alternative, in case Samuel Eto’o reluctant to go anywhere else. if Eto’o is out, another unlikely candidate should be considered as well. hey, if we have cash any club would be tempted. i was talking about Podolski. he is young, talented and clearly has brain. his pace and determination will faze his opponent’s backline.

David Beckham contract with LA Galaxy expires this November and if he wants to quit MLS, he can do so by buying out his remaining contract and fly back to Europe. however, after Carlitos exit, Becks may have just lost his last hope. with WC 2010 looming overhead, Becks is desperate to look elsewhere. it is obvious that Capello will unlikely consider him in the squad unless Becks is playing with a European club and AC Milan are the most preferable choice among others. could he still be on his way to Milan after Carlitos resignation? i am not sure. once Leonardo opens up his thought, i will no longer have doubts.

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