Tuesday, June 09, 2009

can they do it?

although it is known that Andorra are not one of the best European teams, they could threaten England 100% record. England need full points in order to make WC 2010 dream a reality. with 18 points in pockets, they are surely in full throttle mood. with Gareth Barry suspended, there’s a gap in midfield which need to be filled. and if rumors out there are correct, David Beckham may just have the chance to show his skills one more time. with RM is already booked for Theo Walcott, there’s only one hole for Becks to fill in which is a central midfield role. although he had had the role few years ago back with Real Madrid, there’s a lingering doubt his involvement in the center. there’s always a possibility that Walcott would be deployed to the left and Becks hovering in the right while Stew-G and Lampard patrolling in the center. i am not sure though, but i can only hope he will start. it’s been a while since he played his first minute for the Three Lions and hopefully, on Thursday we can see changes. last match against Kazakhstan we saw Capello playing Becks out of his position as RB. instead of bringing another RB, he decided to field in a midfielder. what was on Capello’s mind? probably a victory. i am for sure going to watch this game since there won’t be any matches involving Becks until August.

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