Thursday, June 11, 2009

a great score line

as predicted, David Beckham started as a CM alongside Lampard. with Barry gone, Becks snatched his place for the night and gave quite convincing play throughout the match. also as predicted, England plummeted Andorra with another mouth-watering score line. at times, i was given an assumption that Andorra were not playing football. i am in no mood to give it a very long review, so i just write in brief of what actually happened. since, the beginning of the first half, England looked threatening and nearly scored the first goal in some minutes. efforts were finally materialized in the 4th minute with Wayne Rooney leading the pack. first half was called upon and England already made 3 goals which scored by Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard; Rooney got the double while Lamps slotted in Walcott’s pass from the right. another 3 goals were made with a brace for Defoe and Crouch to sum up the match.

generally, David Beckham has done his job better than he used to do for Real Madrid back in the day. moreover, the side need an experienced player to add some spices on the field. he played for full 90 minutes and not once he showed intentions to slow down. his pace was good as well as his deliveries. there were many of his long passes broke away defense line of Andorra and clearly gave advantage for wingers to keep their width in check. too bad commentators were too busy ‘missing’ Ste-G and Rooney as though players on the field were just bunch of clowns whom need to be hospitalized as soon as possible. though these 2 players were substituted in the second half, their replacements provide some entertaining move as well. mind you, that these two have not involved in the team since many months ago, therefore last night was not a bad performance guys. a job well done i guess. 

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