Friday, June 12, 2009

is this a credible one?

i guess if Becks has said it, we shouldn’t be bother anymore. there’s a quote in the middle of the article that showing his intention to go back to Europe after finishing his season with LA Galaxy. what interests me is the fact, that he might consider moving on to an English club. he has always been committed to his words for not joining other English club apart from Man Utd. and so far, he has been true on his words. however, seeing a new development in Chelsea’s camp might just twitch him a little bit. Carlitos is a long time fan of him and during Becks 6 month loan spell, it was obvious that they both formed a good relationship. Abramovich has tried to take Becks away from Real Madrid few years ago, but to no avail. He might be able to do it this summer though. also, there’s an interest from another London club, Tottenham Hotspur coach has also been lately commenting on Becks arrival in the Heart Lane. he desires to acquire an experienced player into his squad. Becks might not have the pace but he shows a lot of consistency and professionalism throughout his career in football. i am not sure he’ll take their offers over Milan’s though. reason number one, would be Man Utd. and reason number two is consistency. he has always been man of his words and by backing away from his earlier promise seems harsh to me, personally. but the situation has changed a bit. now that Carlitos has changed side to Chelsea, Becks might be tempted to join his old boss to premier league. earlier Pato was also linked to the English side few hours after Carlitos agreed to coach Chelsea. but Milan would not give him up without a heavy price tag.

will he go or will he not? it’s up to him obviously but i guess i need to be more patient considering summer isn’t over yet.

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