Wednesday, July 01, 2009

beckham’s decision

it might have been a rusty news, but i still have the interest to talk about it. since Carlo Ancelotti departure from AC Milan, David Beckham has been linked to change his course to premier league instead. there’s no secret that Ancelotti admires Becks as much as he admires football. he is not the only coach who has been impressed by Beckham’s attitude both on and off the field. he doesn’t whine whenever the coach forced him to sit out during a match and most importantly, he inspires other player to perform well. despite Ancelotti absence in Milan dressing room, Beckham is tempted to keep his eyes on the Italian giant club. i cannot see his reasons, but Milan is one of European elites and i am sure he will do well. he needs to stay on course if he wants to be included in the WC team next year and the only answer to that is to join a European club. but what if, Milan were to decide to not make a move next winter?. this could be troublesome for him because staying with Galaxy would never work for England coach, Fabio Capello. Beckham better move fast, before Galliani changes his mind.

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