Friday, June 12, 2009

Ronaldo in full swing

even though the summer transfer window has just begun, some of rich clubs are ready to run in full throttle. Real Madrid have managed to scooped Kaka from his beloved AC Milan for a fee of 60mill and they will not stop there. rumors are currently buzzing that David Villa and Ronaldo might as well be added to Florentino’s list. it also means, a LOT of Real Madrid players will be off loaded this summer for knockdown price, excluding Raul and Casillas of course. a few years ago, Rio Ferdinand had cost Man Utd around 30mill and that fee had made people gone berserk; what do you think Ronaldo’s price would make your day?. 2 seasons ago, Ronaldo had made a request to be able to switch club, however Man Utd, headed by their coach Alex Ferguson, had pushed away the offer even before they knocked on his door. well, apparently Real Madrid have always been in Ronaldo’s mind and proved to tell, he is back in the market once more. after months of denying and claiming he was happy in Manchester, he finally gave in. 80mill is the price for his service and obviously, Real Madrid are up for the challenge. this is of course could not have been done without Ferguson’s permission to let him go. i believe, Ronaldo had scheduled a meeting with the boss and asked to be switched side this summer. there’s nothing Ferguson could do except to let his another Golden Boy leave his domain.

why would Ferguson let him go? Ronaldo is an asset for both the team and club. so, why has he finally agreed to Ronaldo’s choice?. that’s the correct word, choice. it is become Ronaldo’s dream to play with Real Madrid and not with Man Utd, therefore no man should stand his way. if a player would like to stay, a coach should pat him in the back and give him more support, but if he decides to go, a coach should never hold the player back. Real Madrid’s magical history has of course, tempted those boys to play for the side and i do not blame them whatsoever. but look at the big picture, if i were Ronaldo i would never trade my place to anyone else. yes indeed, he has won so many trophies with Man Utd, but he can get more if he’s willing to stay. for instance, he can win over fans’ heart by playing at his best and become their future captain. but instead, he chooses to jump ship and seek new challenge. but will he be ready to face harsh condition and poor performances by the team? i am not sure. Real Madrid domestic dominance has lately been taken over by their arch rivals, Barcelona which have also snatched champs league trophy from Man Utd. their European adventure has also been a little too quiet lately and conceding to many losses during quarter finals. so, what is he looking for actually? like Becks said “it is in every boy’s dream to play for Real Madrid”. perhaps, Ronaldo shares the same dream

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