Saturday, July 11, 2009

here we go again…

well, my 10 hours (total) journey finally ended. actually, i was able to go back online yesterday,  however house chores kept me busy the whole day. this is it! we finally landed in Seoul. not many knows how hard it was for us to get here. anyway, football news has starting to get sizzled, yet again, but i am pleased.

the person with the name of nothbanklegend, has posted a very good post on his blog. it’s regarding transfer policy of Arsene Wenger which has indirectly been defined as conventional and lack of power by the media. it is true indeed if we would like to compare ourselves to other big clubs in Europe, Arsenal seem lack a bit of confidence to sign a player. however, that is not the case. Arsenal are indeed in tight budget after having built the new stadium, they are increasingly skimming their purchasing policy a little bit more, but we’re not lagging in behind. in fact, compared to other clubs we have yet to release key players from the team. we’re not trying to build a team, instead we are currently constructing from a scratch. we had endured so many losses in the past and i am very sure, Wenger would not want to dream of another failure again. and in order to materialize the dream, he needs balance and stability. what Real Madrid have done is destructing. with a new coach comes every year, the team will not benefit from this catastrophe at all. what’s going to happen to the team is of course playing back the old record once more. they have abundance of talented players and the president need not to purchase another set of skilled players in order to win trophies. hiring the right coach for the job is the main task and finally, the correct method of coaching should be discussed as well. a troubled car need to be examined thoroughly in order to find the hiccups, therefore we don’t have to replace the whole machine just to fix a rusty spark plug.

Arsene Wenger has been keeping track of the player by the name of Blaise Matuidi from France. he’s currently playing for St. Etienne and ready to talk of transfer to North London club.  he seems eager to play for Arsenal and if this is true, i would be happy to see him playing at the Emirates Stadium. he’s in charge of patrolling in the centre and help the defense to cope with pressure from opponents. if this transfer really did come true, i’d be happy to see my Gunners playing at Goodison Park a month from now. hopefully, he’s up for a challenge.

Arshavin has made another statement of rejecting a move to the Catalan side, Barcelona. it seems Barca are eager to snatch away our players including Cesc Fabregas. both have made numerous statements of not favoring a move to Barca, but the press seems drive in full throttle and hoping both of them would leave this summer; what a pain in the **s.

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