Friday, July 03, 2009


pressmen should just let it go. Cesc has been saying over and over again that he has no intention to leave Arsenal at the time being. he may reconsider his decision when his contract expires, but not in the near future of course. however, it seems both the media and Laporta are not fully understood Cesc’s words during many press conference. could you please stop publishing those news!. i suggest to Cesc to take a very long leave this summer and only get back when he has to.

i just had this insane idea across my head. Wenger did an interview for a French magazine and clearly stating that he couldn’t go on as football coach forever in his life. there will be the time for him to come down from the center stage. his contract is supposedly ended in 2011 and will most probably be handed an extension. however, i am not too sure whether he’ll take up the challenge for another year or two. and this is when Barcelona chimes in. as many fans would know, Cesc has special relationship with the coach and the sole reason for him to stay during tough seasons, is of course Arsene Wenger. when Wenger exits, i am 85% certain his captain will follow suit. and by the time comes, i hope there will be many talented players could replace Cesc position.

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