Thursday, July 23, 2009


apparently some fans of LA Galaxy thought David Beckham was indeed a sore loser. without wasting so much time, plenty of hardcore fans decided to make their hatred known to public by hanging posters over the wall. David Beckham indeed crossed the line by saying over and over again that he intends to play in the European league once more in order to stay in Capello’s mind for WC 2010. however, that’s not the way it should be. but i guess, all fans would be enraged hearing their favorite player wanting to leave. same goes to Ade. when he wanted a pay rise several months back, fans started to question his commitment to the Gunners. and when he did ask for a transfer, most of the fans had despised him even more. 14 months after the incident, he has already signed for another English club. David was asked about his loyalty to the club, and yet he confirmed his commitment to LA Galaxy; are you for real?.

it was his personal mistake to take LA Galaxy offer seriously and moved all his entourage to LA when he could have signed for other clubs in Europe. and now, he wants to move back to Europe despite pleads from various parties. that’s why i can’t blame those reactions from fans because they have paid so much to see him play and win titles for their beloved club. my only hope is to see Becks play for WC 2010, therefore playing good amount of football will guarantee a place no matter what club he plays.

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