Thursday, July 23, 2009

cole is insane

when Ashley Cole moved to Chelsea about 3 seasons ago, many fans were disappointed as well as angered. most of them claimed Cole was only thinking about money and nothing else, thus after 3 seasons very little of them greet him with such enthusiasm in the Emirates stadium. it is known that Manchester City have spent so much amount in summer transfer market in order to challenge their rivals in premier league. after Ade move last week, it is thought that Man C are likely to offer another ridiculous amount to land England and Chelsea captain John Terry. if this deal pulled through, i’d be happy about it. i am not afraid to face Man C despite their recent signings; a club needs some time to make things happen and Man C are not exception. personally, i like the spices Man C owners are bringing into premier league, in fact i prefer to play Man C very early of the season, therefore we can see how far Mark Hughes can turn things around.

let’s go back to Cole shall we?. this week Cole made a controversial comment about his former club, Arsenal. he preferred to see Man C to be at 4th spot instead of Arsenal. HA HA! looks like this little man still hold grudge against us doesn’t he?. in a way he belittled us by putting 4th spot as the magical word. does he expect us to, yet again, finished 4th next season and come empty handed for number of years?. he clearly is pain in the butt. however, i can see his concern over Arsenal latest news of recoveries. number of injured players have regained their fitness and could start right in the beginning of the season. could he have heard the news, therefore he tried to unsettle us by spitting those inappropriate words? it could be. perhaps he’s dreaming on polishing the trophy everytime he comes to practice and smiling looking at his own image. well, Cole let’s see about that. we’ll come head to head soon won’t we?

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