Friday, August 14, 2009


Netherlands were held to a draw against England early this morning. i was surprised to see 2 goals scored against England were all as a result of their own errors. both Ferdinand and Barry were careless at passing the ball and was punished cruelly by the Dutch’s killing machines, Kuyt and Van Der Vaart respectively. after the half time, Capello made three subsequent changes that altered the game completely. Milner, Cole and Defoe were all involved in the scoring and guided Capello’s men from embarrassing defeat at the Amsterdam Arena. generally, the team did enough to hold off their opponent from making further damage as the Dutch themselves had not been as threatening as Spain few months ago; but either way central defence was exposed through 90 minutes with Ferdinand making awry passes here and there. though this may have been a friendly but it showed to people how lackluster Capello’s side without their most reliable key player, Stew-G. however, ‘tainted’ the performance was i quite understand the condition of each player. perhaps, we should not have this kind of friendlies so early in the season.

David Beckham performance was fine especially during the first 20 minutes, however the score against England at early stage hampered all areas starting from the defence up till the front men. but likes the way Becks performed last night, and i’m guessing Capello felt the same; nevertheless, changes were needed in order balance the team. Becks made way for SWP who apparently didn’t do much to conjure up the attacking front, but had done his job better than his previous matches.

talking about Beckham, he should be able to join a European club after MLS season ends this November. contrary to earlier reports which claiming he might move on to Europe on permanent basis, he might be joining his new club in a  loan move instead just like he had done last year. Milan seems his likely destination as well as premier league clubs. though he had once said wouldn’t want to return to premier league to respect his relationship with ManU fans, he might make a U turn this mid season as he has no choice but to cross Atlantic in order to keep his sharpness in check. playing with a European clubs means he’s eligible to enter competition with other players whom are eager to play a part in WC10. if he stays fit and competitive all season, there’s a huge possibility he will be chosen. going to such competition an experienced player is much needed in order to keep the balance in the team.

let’s hope he’ll make the cut in England’s next qualifying matches.

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