Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i can remember a few years ago, when England couldn’t quite find the right man on the left side, and then Joe Cole came into the picture. and for many matches, the issues was settled; however, when injuries paralyzed the Chelsea midfielder, everyone had started to raise questions how the coach would cope with the loss. so far, Gerrard has been the one who plays in that area and quite impressed some quarters, however the Liverpool man won’t be available tomorrow morning and he could possibly be replaced by Young who has so far impressed Capello in his only 2 caps for England. but that wasn’t the reason i wrote this entry. since the arrival of Capello, Walcott has gained a lot of actions and he could have just be his favorite had he been more clinical up front. inconsistencies has often shadowed his appearances with England after convincing match last year. he might not be in the starting line up due to his absence during off season matches with Arsenal. looks like the slot is now belong to David Beckham. he must prove himself to the coach and shows him that he’s still got it. a close look by elaborates how Capello would deal with 5 players who could play in that area. 5 players and their chances, go ahead and read it

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