Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arsenal continue their winning way

as expected AW changed his formation to 4-4-2, though on the field things were a little bit different with Edu and Arshavin played wide in the wing. for the first 20 minutes Arsenal a bit slow but controlled the possession comfortably with Pompey patrolling inside the area. i had to admit Pompey made it so easy for us to control the game and score 4 goals. we capitalized from their errors and used them as advantage. very rarely did they endanger us didn’t they? but when they did we lost our grip and let them pull through with only a goal down. Pompey managed to score against Arsenal and haunting for more, however Arsenal were saved by the bell.

in the next 45 minutes, Arsenal wasted no time to rub the salt on the open wound and made it 4-2. Gallas’ goal was a bit funny though, with 3 players were involved before it went straight in the back of the net. Arshavin free kick was met by Persie’s header and then touched by Vermaelen with his right foot and finally, to Gallas. i thought the ball was about to roll outside the goal post as it was teasing its way before landed at the back of the net way out of James’ reach. the 4th goal was a real class i must say. RVP, the stand-in captain replacing Cesc who was ushered out to preserve his energy for Wednesday night,  had a marvelous vision that evening found Ramsey on side and quickly pass the ball. the Welsh midfielder calmly put it behind James and scored his first premier league goal. his angle was tight, not mentioning James position, but he did well to conquer the veteran goal keeper. in the dying minutes, Pompey nearly doubled their goal but fortunately, the ball was well off target. 90+ finally approached and the boys can breath easily now and play with comfort on Wednesday.

i must say, we have yet to meet the real deal and next Saturday will be our fierce test before the winter. a match against ManU will always be entertaining to watch especially when Arsenal are on top. whether or not we’ll succeed this season, this match has always been significant to uphold both team’s integrity. 2 seasons ago, ManU were champions but Arsenal beat them badly both on away and home games. Ade played a part to trash ManU with convincing display. this season, Ade’s gone but Arsenal remain as threatening as they will ever be; sitting on top has an advantage of its own. coming to Old Trafford won’t be easy, but Arsenal’s position in the table will make things a little bit different. as some people say, preserving the win is twice harder than earning the win itself, therefore Arsenal must hold their guard in order to clinch 3 points at Old Trafford.

we may not be the winners just yet, but visiting ManU turf as league leaders will surely give us the pride.

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