Saturday, August 22, 2009

it’s Saturday

this weekend, Arsenal are facing up with another premier league rivals, Portsmouth and one can only hope for the best. after convincing win last week, AW would hate it if we let it slip only in the second week of the season. Portsmouth have yet to get 3 points and desperately looking for it at the Emirates stadium. TotSpur are in the lead with 6 points after 2 games win both played home and away, while Arsenal are in the third. there’s no need to be alarmed as yet as the season hasn’t even reached its 10 games, and according to the ‘professor’ it is too early to predict any winners at this stage, therefore we should all sit back and enjoy the game.

today’s match won’t be broadcast live on local TV because of one simple reason: ManU play at the exact time as we are. if my eyes are to be believed, they will only have a recorded match very early in the morning. i will have my pre-breakfast meal half hour before the match, thus i could probably tune in to watch the recorded game. will i be able to sustain my own strength and defeat the weakness? only God can answer. if i cannot find any links to live match, i had no other choice except poke my eyes and hope i will not fail myself and fall to sleep right in front of TV.

we have to earn more goals than they already have and concede none to enable us beat TotSpur up at the table. as other blogs have mentioned, i have a strong feeling that AW would stick to his starting XI as the previous week. though i adore this new formula, i do have my own doubts. if both Edu and Rosicky fully recovered, where would those players fit in? currently AW lays out Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Denilson, Song, Bendtner, Cesc, Arshavin, Persie as his preferred line up. but how long will it last?. no matter how strongly we conquered both Celtic and Everton last week, it doesn’t necessarily hide the fact that we do lack DM who can be relied upon. Denilson is good, but at times he’s not stronger enough to hold off enemy’s attacking players and it could prove costly to our own advantage. Bendtner is good in the air, but his finishing touches remains questionable. Edu is a natural striker and playing a little bit deeper just doesn’t seem to help the team, while RVP will remain AW’s favorite striker although he is far from threatening.

if those injured players are back, Arsenal will certainly look more dangerous than any of their arch rivals. Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott are all out injured and could only participate later next month. i don’t know about Walcott as his injury may lasts longer than expected, but Rosicky seems ready to play in mid September. of all injured players, Nasri seems the one who has to take bitter pill as his broken leg will take more than 3 months to heal and another few weeks to reach match fitness. if all of them are ready, can you imagine how good our team will be? and of course, real headache for the coach himself; with so many options available, he’s probably going to have difficult time to sleep. as for today, i really love to watch some action from the he Croatian after being substituted during Celtic’s match, and only to find that it was only muscle problem not more. however, as i have mentioned AW believes Edu needs more time adjusting to the roughness of premier league before he can completely recover. and by playing about 30 minutes each game, he should be there very soon. but my concern is A23. he’s been out of shape in the past 2 games and began wondering whether or not he’s injured. he seems out of sort last week and i do hope AW has addressed this issue with the player himself.

i rarely watch all football matches anymore and only stick to big 4 matches only. it’s a shame really, but it largely due to limited viewing here. i can watch online but it’s going to take more effort than switching on my TV. minnows are usually left alone during weekends, in the exception of facing up one of the big 4 team, therefore online isn’t much help either. i have checked online sports TV, but none of them posting a link to live the Match. i am totally hopeless now'; really hoping someone from Twitter inform me if any link to the match. i’ll check again soon before the match starts

by the way before i sign off, here’s my line up for tonight’s match:


Eboue                               Gallas                    Vermaelen                 Clichy

                                          Denilson                Song

           Bendtner                               Cesc                                            Gibbs




Eboue                              Gallas                        Vermaelen              Clichy

Bendtner                        Song                             Cesc                         Gibbs

                                         Eduardo                      RVP

                                                      OTHER ONE

Eboue                           Gallas                           Vermaelen               Clichy


        Bendtner                                Denilson                                    Gibbs



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