Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Becks is included

when Capello announced his squad list to face Holland this Thursday, i was rather anxious whether or not David Beckham was part of this team; eventually, his name was in it. i was rather pleased if Gareth Barry wouldn’t be in the squad either, however the decision wasn’t mine to make. there are various options of formation that Capello could choose; he either will use 4-2-2 or 4-3-3 as his much preferred formation. my line up would be Green, Johnson, Ferdinand, Terry, Cole, Beckham, Barry, Lampard, Walcott, Rooney, Gerrard. though Gerrard has been often used as centre midfielder alongside Lampard, i’ve seen no use of him in the middle while he can be utilized elsewhere. the combination of Gerrard and Rooney proved fatal to any defence line time and time again. there are bunch of available options on the bench of course and i’m perfectly sure, Capello will not go with Beckham as starter. looking at past matches, he might go with 4-2-2 line up instead of my 4-3-3 formation.

facing against one of the best team in Europe, is perhaps the biggest challenge for Capello’s squad this year. though it may only be a friendly match, no one should shrug off the importance of this match. a win could prove potential to the team itself especially the key players. once they get through Netherlands there’s a fat chance they can secure a place for WC 10 next year a lot easier. i did not mean to downplay those teams in the group stage, but a win against much better team is certainly helping each player to face their fears.

in other development, Capello has once again asked David Beckham to seek other employer if he wants to be included in the squad for WC 10. playing for LA Galaxy is not an option, and he might get omitted if choose to stay, therefore a loan deal would be nice for the 34 year old midfielder. i don’t think it’d be complicated as both parties have mentioned that a comeback would be ideal. the only thing that could bypass this agreement would be LA Galaxy. having lost their superstar to the Italian club last season, they wouldn’t want to lose him out again especially when they need him the most. however, i am sure David Beckham could somehow strike a deal to secure his place next year. as long as he stays fit and injury-free the whole season, there’s always a chance he can fly out to South Africa next year.

rumors have it, that Becks’ current situation has attracted interests from 2 London clubs and they are: Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. both coaches have confirmed their admiration on David Beckham’s ability and hoping the veteran midfielder will sign a deal with them. i am not sure if these clubs will indeed sign him up considering Becks’ relationship with ManUtd’s fans. he had once said that a return to premier league wouldn’t be possible; he hadn’t said never though.

i can’t wait to watch the friendly match live on the internet, as a very slight chance local TV will play it live. i wonder how Capello would form his line up. Netherlands are not easy to beat especially at their own backyard. hopefully Becks will feature though i am sure most people would disagree to have Becks on the field ahead of anyone else on the bench.


Johnson     Ferdinand     Terry     Cole


Beckham                           Lampard     

Walcott                             Gerrard


this would be my line up

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