Friday, August 07, 2009

the coach most likely to buy

we have lost Rosicky for 6 weeks and might release Senderos soon rather than later. who will gain from our loss? no one basically, for the season has yet to start its roaring heat, therefore we can possibly add more players to the squad before transfer windows closes end of this month. current economic situation prevents rich clubs to buy players in an extravagant way, excluding Real Madrid and ManC of course, but they aren’t as big as ManUtd and Barcelona in that matter. both clubs (ManUtd and Barcelona) reached glory last season which brought in 3 titles into their ground to add into their achievement books. Real Madrid may have been the European Giants in the past, but their recent transfer policy has dampen the club’s victory over the past years and ManC are freshmen indeed. the rich owner of ManC decided to scooped out some famous signings from all over Europe by introducing Carlos Tevez as their first big signing in the summer. Chelsea whom are used to sign big players are sitting on the sideline looking at better view. looks like economic slowdown has taken its toll to the Russian owner as well.

let’s back to Arsenal, shall we?. the ever injured player had finally regained his fitness and was featured during Emirates Cup a week ago, however the versatile midfielder has to face another bleak future once more as he has been declared unfit to start the new season, and this time he’s suffering from hamstring injury. poor him, he was at ease knowing that he can finally help his team mate to succeed Ade’s role upfront, however this muscle problem might dampen his spirit after tormented months at bay, and he can probably sit out for the rest of the season like he had endured last season. hopefully, this injury will not be as bad as i heard.

with 4 offensive options available, Wenger shouldn’t stop looking for reinforcements especially when Rosicky is out again. Edu might have just recovered from his terrible injury, but can he be reliable throughout the whole season? Arsenal is famous with injury plagued season and we need to learn from the past. while Arshavin and RVP are all but vicious, they can’t do it alone. they need back ups and Wenger needs to do it right. Bendtner on the other hand, isn’t one of those reliable striker and he lacks clinical touches. honestly, he’s down in the pecking order, a way down to the bottom i must say. Wilshere is available, but he is untested in big games against great clubs, therefore alternatives should be seek.

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