Friday, August 28, 2009

Becks might not make it

despite his work rate, Becks might not get a call from England national coach, Fabio Capello. because of his own foolishness, Capello might just make up his mind and go with Lennon instead. why now? like i said it is caused by his own mistake. a couple of weeks ago, Beckham was red carded during a match against Seattle Sounders (i think that’s how they spell it), thus it earned him 1 straight ban from coming into the field, in other words he is prohibited from playing 1 game for his club. come September 5, England will face Croatia at Wembley as part of qualification match for WC. if you really paying attention to it, it won’t be long from now and Beckham hasn’t been playing for a week though he has made a comeback against D.C United. what was in Capello’s mind when Becks served his 1 match ban? could Becks still play a part in his squad next month? one will never know but i hope he will.

on the surface,Croatia seem to be harmless and soft as pie, but the truth is they can crush England like a fly just like the way they had done back in Euro qualification match 08. with Edu back in the stage, England backline will face much steeper battle with the Croatians. though England are in a much better position and are favorites to qualify among the Group dwellers, there’s no such guarantee England could not slip up this time and of course, Ukraine will be pleased to see they break.

it could be a turning point for The English side as they need to get positive result before coming to Ukraine the following month. like people say “make or break”

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