Thursday, August 27, 2009

now what?

yesterday, i’ve written an interesting comment on my own twitter. i said something like this “AW wouldn’t buy unless 1 or 2 players are to be added to the current injured list”; and now, both Ramsey and Diaby will be out for ManUtd match. should we push the panic button? i guess this is the right time. Wenger has been stubborn to death for sticking to his injury prone players and refusing to add more depths. way before Diaby, Ramsey and Cesc incident, most fans have been sounding their displeasure and asks Wenger to add 2 players in the defensive area, but he has been saying over and over again that he’s satisfied with the squad and won’t be adding more. i guess, he suffers from headache and lack of sleep now considering the growing injury list. i admit that i’m a bit angered by the coach decision and silently blame him for not be prepared to face such thing. he’s said in the interview that injury was the one which kept Arsenal from winning any title last season and he’s repeating the same mistake again this season. does he ever learn?.

ManU will be our rivals this weekend and facing them without our most experienced players would be like taming gigantic towers. it doesn’t mean we’ll certainly lose the battle, but we could just extract only a draw from the Old Trafford and that’s not good. with Chelsea, TotSpur, and ManC right in our tails we can’t afford to lose or draw against ManU. one single mistake could damage our chance to win premier league title and they will celebrate on this. it’s only 2 days away from the match and we’ve already lost half of the squad; there’s no way we can purchase someone in the market during the weekday with only 2 days away from the match. there’s no choice but to play with current players. will we lose or will we triumph? only God knows though i hope the latter.

my message to the coach, please reinforce now or we’ll be the laughing stock once again

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