Saturday, August 29, 2009

the draw

champs league group is already out and people are busy with their views on whether top seed clubs will once again reveal as champions or underdogs will take over this time?. as for ManU, they will face tough teams this year, though those teams aren’t one of top flying clubs in Europe, they do posses threat time and time again. i remember when Porto FC ousted ManU from the final and became European champions, no one had been clever enough to predict the winners would have been the Portuguese side. ManU, the title holders, will face CSKA Moskow (Russia), Besiktas (Turkey), Vfl Wolsburg (Germany) in group A.

i must say, among other groups Milan and Real Madrid will probably draw so much attention from football lovers all around the world. it is because they were drawn in the same group which is in Group C. Kaka has once played for AC Milan and this time they will meet up again in a very grave manner. do or die; Kaka has always been Milan favorites and selling him would have been like cutting off the other arm of one’s body. though it sounds really ugly, Milan had made him available for Madrid and sold him off to the Spanish side for a record fee of 60 million, before it was broken by Ronaldonald’s fee of 80 something million. since the beginning of the summer, Real Madrid have been busy keeping up to date and bought 3 star players into the squad; and they are: Kaka from AC Milan, Ronaldonald from ManU and Karim Benzema from Olympique Lyonnais. have they brought enough? nope, they added one major signing few weeks ago from Liverpool, Xabi Alonso. among those players, only Ronaldonald is thought to be the greatest impact for Les Merengues apart from Kaka. as i mentioned, Kaka will come face to face with his former club for champs league spot and he’ll do it with as much passion as he had done with Milan. unlike their Spanish counterpart, AC Milan have yet to make breakthrough by singing major players needed to bolster their defensive area. indeed, Klass Jan Huntelaar is no doubt one of the best striker but he’s untested in champs league arena. will Milan make it through and grab the #1 spot? we’ll have to see. seeing big names in the dressing room of Real Madrid is indeed casting doubt over Leonardo’s men, but like any other football match before, don’t ever take anything for granted.

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