Saturday, August 29, 2009

this is it

today will be the day when all football lovers tune in to watch the most waited match in premier league. when it comes to Arsenal and ManU rivalry, there’s no doubt people will line up answering a question who will win tonight’s match; very few would say it’d be Arsenal and for those who said it, they must be Gooners. most media will obviously courting ManU to triumph the North London club if not, they won’t get a chance to cover ManU’s future matches. no matter how bitter their words are, i believe Arsenal still hold a very serious threat to ManU, and if they aren’t why would Fergie came out and demand improvement from his squad?. i can’t wait to watch it and keep counting down the hours as my fasting is about to end as well. i’m waiting my baked spaghetti to be ready and hopefully, i have enough space to have supper later on.

ManU vs. Arsenal game will always draw attention and this time it has its own trademark. few days ago, E9 has been dubbed as a cheater after UEFA charged him over alleged dive. what makes me angry is the fact they’ve done it in a prompt way. hours after receiving demand for investigation by the SFA, UEFA conducted an investigation which eventually, punished E9 for diving and cheating the referee, therefore he’s eligible to be punished as many as 2 match ban. outrageous i must say. have they done this before? no, but they claimed it won’t be the last case. AW was right after all, the decision will back fire eventually; it leaves an open door to challenge every referee decision on the pitch and bring it to the European governing body to be examined. and if let’s say, there will be another incident involving similar to E9’s in the near future, the Gunners will be the first to ask UEFA to take a look into it.

and as for the game, i believe AW would slot in Diaby to replace C4 in the middle while Song and Denilson will resume their role as DM. the front line will comprise of RVP, A23 and B52. i prefer W14 though, as he is much mobile than B52, but he’s out injured and we don’t have a proper replacement readied; B52 it is then. seeing R7 (no Ronaldonald please) in friendly matches, clearly reminds me of his best seasons a while back ago, and without him playing for us against ManU, it’ll be a total disappointment. his creativity and boldness are different compared to other players. though he is fit and might take a part, the coach decided that it’ll be far too early for him to return and by preserving him, it’ll do much good rather than bad to the player himself.

Ronaldonald has gone and so has Tevez, but ManU still posses some dangerous threat among their current players. Rooney, Nani and Berba are only a few of them. the remaining threat is always lie in the midfield; Giggs and Scholes will always be the X factor for United’s game. their experience is far too great to be brushed aside and let it rot in the dark. we can never control the football outcome unless, we’re all the almighty God, but we can always try our best to win anything by giving more to the team. God bless Arsenal, may you will prevail as the winners tonight

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