Sunday, August 02, 2009

finally, someone is acknowledging Becks achievement

i should have it done a few days ago, but had no chance to do so, therefore here it is. among other writers he probably one of thousands to have finally applauded Becks effort in football. he may not be the most ruthless midfielder in the world, but he surely is top professional. reading this article made my day indeed.

after been given a 100th cap

another article is also pointing at Becks professionalism. though he was booed during his play time, he did not complain. i guess, soccer fans have not heard his toughness. after WC 98 incident, he had received death threat as well as sickening welcome party from the boo boys, but he had not budged a little and on the contrary, he won 3 titles with Man Utd the following year. if they think he will run off the field and hide, they have been misguided indeed. he won’t bend like some other players. a true fan will know

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