Friday, July 24, 2009

it was Ade’s turn now

when things go bad, they turned their back on us. both Cole and Ade are public enemy after their controversial move to Chelsea and Man C respectively. blaming fans entirely for his move, and reluctant to concede his own mistake, has made my heart went numb. any player will remain respected throughout his career when he acts like a pro. it was clear that Ade wanted a pay rise and he got one. why did he blame Wenger for his own desire to be rich? i can’t figure it out. well, he can't be trusted that’s for sure and i am glad he’s out of our camp because he’s a bad influence to other players. hopefully, we can beat the crap out of him, so we can show people that we’re still worth the fear.

in other development, Klaas Huntelaar has pulled the plug off the wall. the deal with Stuttgart was canceled in last minute after no parties reached consensus to make the deal go through. according to the Sun, Arsenal are interested to sign up this player as a replacement for Ade. can this news be trusted? i doubt it. apparently, Wenger is certain that we all are nothing but ready to face the new season. however, there’s a hole that needed to be filed up before new season starts. Denilson, Song and Diaby look doubtful to me. Flamini departure left huge hole in our squad and we need to fix it now.

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