Sunday, August 02, 2009

is he seeking for another loan move this year?

Becks future has been left unsaid once more. though he have said time and time again that he has a contract with LA Galaxy, he also has hinted to play for England in the next WC in which he has to stay fit and included in a European club. some newspapers said he’s ready to seek a move to AC Milan once his season at MLS is over. however, at the article he was clearly in the state of mind that transfer move is a long shot. perhaps, he wants another loan move?. if it is the fact, how long would he stay with the Italian club this time?. i’ve read an article some days ago which claiming Becks will be back to LA Galaxy after WC 2010 is done. and will remain a Galaxy until the end of his contract. i do not know how credible is this article, however a permanent move would cost Milan a huge deal which i believe wouldn’t suit their transfer policy. Milan would never dig deep into their pockets for a player who’s reaching his time limit. i’m not saying Becks isn’t worth a dime anymore, however a player at his age will usually get a short term contract only. too bad, but that’s a fact. anyway, he has scored another breath-taking goal against his former rivals, Barcelona. Barcelona were a different class from the American club, and claiming 1-2 score line was a shock, nevertheless i am happy for David Beckham.

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