Sunday, August 16, 2009

We won!

honestly, way before the match even started i had been casting doubt on Wenger’s side whom apparent loss of Flamini hadn’t been properly addressed. but now, what can i say?. though it remains questionable who will be crowned as premier league champions this season, i have a very positive view on this squad. what has changed? in matter of months AW boys have transformed into a full grown men. i surely have no answer to that question, but perhaps i could deliver a verdict?. after years of trophy-less seasons and unbearable mockery, this young players decided to take the matter on their hands. who could blame their fiery?; i may have been annoyed and anxious to hear those devilish critics, i know now that i can’t thank them enough in our achievement today for without those unjust critics, Arsenal might have been in the desert and found nothing but bitter sun burn. go ahead and making fun of us but we’ll try to keep this hope alive.

it’s a good start from the team who were one of the least favorites to win premier league and became superheroes. i agree with AW completely that branding them as superheroes in the early are extremely premature. who can blame those hopefuls? 4 seasons without trophies is well behind them; well, not just yet. have i made myself a little too downward negative? perhaps; however the season is very long and one game will not justify our whole performance. it is great indeed to have scored such monstrous amount of goal in the Goodison park, however we’re still short of key players and our defence did look rusty at times. i really do hope that this weaknesses will be sorted out before we start to dive our nose down again. i remain positive though, as we have shot down those doubters far away to the deserted island. who wouldn’t want a perfect win to start the season; i certainly wouldn’t mind.

post match reports arguing the best solution for Everton whether or not they should let Lescott joins ManC this summer. despite some lucrative offers from the Eastland, David Moyes has not budged even an inch and prefers to shut the door out of any requests for his players. last match was a solid prove there was some disruption in the locker room and Moyes needs to settle this quickly before everything comes crumbling down. will he or will he not accept the offer from ManC?; the question remains open as he might bring this matter up with the man himself. reportedly, Lescott has made a written request to be handed in a transfer agreement with ManC. as expected, the Merseyside club refused to be drawn into the web and chose to reject ManC ‘flirting’ approach in order to keep the man inside the club. however, instead of backing down, ManC have crossed the line by keeping Lescott unsettled. with dozens of reports everyday, it is bound to see a man made from steel will eventually melt himself from the heat. Mark Hughes went as far as making a statement that ManC are a great club and it is only natural that Moyes feels intimidated by his approaching style. already he has his hands on the title eh?. ManC won their first game away from home with competitive result. Ade and Ireland scored a goal each to help ManC through stubborn Blackburn Rovers last night with 0-2 score line. i must say, it was a good game for both clubs as ManC themselves were at times caught in the mess at the back, but the captain remained focused and denied chances from the opponent. ManUtd and Liverpool will both have their matches today and i expect myself to sit silently in front of TV while munching a very delicious snack. 

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