Sunday, August 16, 2009


it’s been a while since Arsenal won their game with so many goals in just one game. a perfect start perhaps, but AW will remain cautious over many stumbling rocks up ahead. key players still out injured and will only get back as early as September. Nasri though will probably remain on the sideline for a longer period as his broken leg needs time to heal itself. Walcott and Diaby will be available for the champs league qualification match at Celtic’s stadium. equipped with a very positive mood, the Gunners can rest assured that no matter how tough Celtic can be, they are beatable just like other clubs. they need to focus on the game and remain vigilant over many things that happens on the field. last night for example, Arsenal were careless to let Everton boys scored against them in dying minutes. could you imagine if this were a final in champs league? it would be a disaster of course. fortunately, Arsenal were already six goal up and a goal against might have not been a nightmare at all; however, a clean sheet would have been a great achievement. first goal was scored from a dazzling volley outside the penalty area by Denilson. i thought it was going nowhere, but my guess was completely wrong. new boy Vermaelen got his first goal of the season with a sharp header to the far post beyond Howard’s desperate reach. his header reminds me from the ones that Vidic scores very often for ManUtd. third goal came just before the half time with Gallas in the score sheet as well. with a glancing header, he nudged the ball into the net. i thought everything was done and AW should have been pleased with three goals, however that was only the beginning. another three more goals in the second half made the game complete.

second half saw Everton put their feet on gas as they were trying to catch Arsenal and win back the game. though it was quite impossible, Moyes’ men thought otherwise. everyone was trying to get forward and neglecting the gaping wound at the back. Lescott simply wasn’t good enough to stop Arsenal’s forwards. attacking force came from every direction and it seemed to me Everton had lost it since the fourth goal which was scored by Arsenal captain himself. if he were to score from the exact same spot a few years ago, he would have let it bobbed to Howard’s open arms, however he was a different player last night and struck a goal which only clever players would do the same. not long, he scored another one with much pace that no one could even stopped it. he personally dedicated his second goal to his fellow Catalan friend, Jarque. Jarque was Espanyol captain who has died due to sudden heart failure. the final curtain belongs to Eduardo. how gracious God to him. after had been sidelined for over 11 months, Edu finally made his premier league debut and scored a goal to his name. when it was five, i thought there was no turning back now, and Arsenal had to keep patrolling at the back. it seemed, God has his way to give someone a very precious gift and Edu had his yesterday. scored the last goal for Arsenal made headlines for himself; this would be a message to all that Edu is back and he’s roaring to score, thus all of you rivals must take precautions.

a win in the first game surely will propel Arsenal to top spot. unless Liverpool and ManUtd could score 7 and 8 goals each, top spot is a guarantee for Arsenal. we need to keep on going and scoring in each and every game in order to win premier league title from ManUtd’s clutch. already bagging 3 points, all attention quickly shifted to champs league play offs this mid week. we’re up against Celtic from Scotland and i must say they’re a decent team with good players. we mustn’t get carried away by the win and stay focus to get the away goals. winning this match could open up a great chance to enter  champs league group stage, whilst losing it will send us off to galaxy in the far far away.  2-0 is enough to bring us closer to champs league. don’t waste this opportunity Mr.. Wenger, we have to win. i’m praying they will.

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